Duration: 7hours (08:00 ~ 15:00)

Price: 85 USD/pax, free for kid under 5 years old

Minimum: 3pax (2pax: 100 USD/pax).

Mekong Delta (Nine Dragon River Delta), also known as the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, a vast maze of rivers, swamps and islands, home to floating markets and villages surrounded by rice paddies.

You will totally immerse yourself in the natural wilderness like coconut palms, forest of fruits. By the way, boats are the main means of transportation here, sounds fun yet? Let’s dig into the tour with us!

Sightseeing around on boat

At 8:00 am we will pick you up at your hotel and drive to My Tho. It should take about 1.5 hour to drive. During the trip, our tour guide will give you a brief introduction about Mekong Delta. If you have car sickness, please prepare the pills or inform us early so we can get them for you.

We will cruise around on the amazing motor – boat, I can guarantee you this boat will bring you all the breezes from the river as we enjoy the extravagant views that this place has, Mother Nature is always generous with us!

Try out the local specialty

Now let’s move on to the next place and let us blow your mind with many delicacies such as various types of jams, dried lotus seeds, honey tea and many more! Goody everywhere!

In this stop, you can also buy the best quality with cheapest price Royal Jelly in Southern Vietnam. 

Coconut time!

Let me see your hands, coconut lovers! Here you will be able to observe how to make coconut candy, go deeper into each stage. The candy here is so good that it will satisfy all the expectation you have, I hope you have a sweet tooth! Not only that, the workshop also have many souvenirs made from coconut’s parts, so let’s grab some for your family and friends!

Chill out with traditional music

Music has always been the best way to connect people together. Dan Ca Tai Tu is one of the oldest traditional music in Vietnam, the melody transfers not only words but also take away the stress, let you enjoy the peaceful moment along with some tasty tropical fruits, what a way to enjoy life!

Hop on the carriage

for a ride!

Moving on to something more thrilling yet, amusing, being a princess! I’m just kidding, we will be on a carriage ride to show you around more about the countryside. The horses here are so well – behaved that I want to be Cinderella just for some moment!

Join a row-boat trip

Maybe using the motor boat was so loud that you couldn’t get the most out of nature. So now we will be using the classic rowing boat!


This is the best way to take good pictures and film some videos to reserve “boat”tiful moments for your friends at home, to let them know how breath – taking this coconut island and tropical fruit garden is!

Lunch time

It's lunch time, get your energy back up.

Cool down for a bit and let us amaze you with our local food. Some dishes here are so yummy, that some people have to come here to eat because nowhere else has this unique flavor they have.

Furthermore, they have crocodile fishing, if you want to try then the stage is yours.

Vinh Trang Temple

Now back to the tour, we will visit Vĩnh Tràng Temple, one of the best – known temples in the region. Here they have over 60 statues of various Buddhas, the garden of the temple is decorated with many pot plants and are tended to on a regular basis. Let’s go around and we will tell you many historic moments that happened here, so brace yourself!


Go back to the city:

After a long tour, we will get you back to your hotel to relax. We can guarantee you that this tour worth every penny, you won’t regret a bit! So hesitate no more and contact us for further informations.


Tour Details

Duration: 7hours (08:00 ~ 15:00)

Price: 85 USD/pax, free for kid under 5 years old

Minimum: 3pax (2pax: 100 USD/pax).

Because this is a private car rental tour, the price can be reduced depend on the number of customers:

2Pax:   100USD/pax

3Pax:     85USD/pax

4-6Pax:  75USD/pax

Price included:

  • English/Korean/Chinese speaking guide

  • Lunch

  • Hand-rowing boat, motorboat

  • Private car

  • Horse riding

  • Tropical fruits tasting

This is private tour, if you would like to change the course, please notice us at booking time.

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

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