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Tips to avoid scam when you travel to Vietnam and enjoy your trip

What should you keep in mind when traveling around Vietnam to avoid scams and bad situations to happen? What are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable? Here is what you need to remember.

So, friends, we know that each tourist attraction has its own pros and cons, and Vietnam is not an exception. Therefore, besides preparing what you should try and where you should visit in Vietnam, it is a must to take note of how to avoid scams when traveling around in this beautiful country. 

Moreover, if making a plan for the whole trip in Vietnam somehow wastes your time and makes you confused, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. Being a perk of locals is that we know everything better than others. Being travelers, we know how hard it is to make a plan when visiting a country with different cultures and traditions. Therefore, we want to help our friends - it’s you - to have an amazing trip in Vietnam with our Trip Planner. If you are interested, message us via

Avoid scams when traveling to Vietnam

Taxi scams

Avoid scam in Vietnam
Mai Linh Taxi

It should be noted that the biggest concern of travelers in Vietnam is the mean of transportation. Some may not know which means of transportation is the most truthful to use and what is the best option.

Especially when it comes to taxis. There are some bad people trying to make money from tourists. We know how it bad and though Vietnam’s government is trying to ban this from happening, bad people are somehow working illegally.

What we should do is to take note of truthful taxi brands and how to identify them among fake ones and avoid them. This is one of the big issues for not only foreign tourists but also locals; hence, VN Deluxe Trip has created two special blogs for this concern that there is more information for your needs.

Other means of transportation

The first concern is bus companies. Which bus company you can trust and how to avoid bus scams are also listed in this blog. There are some big bus companies going around Vietnam such as Futa Bus (Phương Trang Bus) and its website is; or Thành Bưởi Bus You can visit these websites and book online and make reservations via phone.

Of course, it is true that you can trust other bus companies and by checking via, or you can simply ask your friends who have experience visiting Vietnam.

The second concern is motorbike taxis. As you know, Vietnam is considered as the country of motorcycles that you can see them everywhere, every corner. Also, you can rent a motorbike to travel around the country; however, you should check the motorbikes as carefully as possible to avoid bad accidents.


Fake money can be made, yah, it’s sad but true. Hence, you should search for a way to check the true ones on the Internet and avoid using fake money. Moreover, the currency of Vietnam is quite colorful that it’s hard for you to remember correctly. Therefore, you should check the money carefully before paying for something. Finding a good money exchange is also what you should be concerned about.

Snatch thefts

This is not only a big problem for foreign tourists, but also for locals. Actually, they are not everywhere that you must always pay attention to. They somehow approach you, especially when you are walking in big streets or desolate streets. Therefore, you should keep your valuable stuff such as passport, visa,... in a safe place.


Some vendors or shop owners will make money from you, it’s a fact of everywhere in the world, including Vietnam. One tip for you is that bargain as much as possible.

Besides, you should check the quality of the products before buying or ask the owners whether you can change later or not. There are some products imported from China with very bad quality but the same appearance making it hard to distinguish.

Tour companies

There are thousands of tour operations in Vietnam with plenty of options. Being careful when booking tours with any tour companies is a need. Find some truthful companies by checking the information carefully. Otherwise, it is believed that cheap-priced tours somehow go with bad quality.

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