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Best time to visit Central Vietnam in different seasons

When is the best time to visit Central Vietnam? Where are the must-visit places in different seasons there? Take a note of these places before your travel!

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Central Vietnam

When is the best time to visit Central Vietnam? The weather in Central Vietnam is quite different from the North and the South. It is harsher and more difficult than others. Overview, this area includes two main subregions and can be divided into 3 parts: the North Central Coast, the South Central Coast, and the Central Highlands.

The North Central Coast is a narrow part characterized by mountain ranges in the west. It consists of 6 provinces in the north of Hai Van Pass. As it is located near the North, it is also influenced by the weather of Northern Vietnam. As being affected by the Foehn wind from Laos, its summer is characterized by dry and hot weather; meanwhile, its winter is described with the cold and rainy seasons.

The South Central Coast includes 7 coastal provinces from the south of Hải Vân Pass. This area is much wider than the North Central Coast. As it is being affected by the southwest monsoon from the Gulf of Thailand, its summer is hot and dry. Also, the weather in this entire area is completely different from other parts of Vietnam, which means dry and rainy seasons do not occur in the same period as others.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Beaches in the central Vietnam

The Central Highlands includes 6 mountainous provinces. This area has a lower altitude and higher temperature than other parts. The weather in this region can be also divided into 2 seasons: rainy and dry seasons.

In summary, Central Vietnam has two distinct seasons during the year: rainy and dry seasons although its weather is quite complicated and the changes of the weather vary from time to time. Although the weather in this part is severe for people who live there, droughts in the dry season, floods, and storms in the rainy season, people are very hardworking and positive. “It’s Mother Nature, ha!”, some say.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam in the dry season


The dry season in Central Vietnam occurs from January to the end of July, which makes this part of Vietnam more ideal to travel for both locals and foreigners. Warm, cozy weather with beautiful beaches and sunlight are the reasons why Central Vietnam is a must-visit place. Nevertheless, in this season, droughts occur a lot seriously damaging people’s life. It should be noted that the sunlight works very hard this season and your skin can be affected, so always remember to put sun screams on and bring something to protect you.

Đà Nẵng

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Đà Nẵng - Việt Nam

Sunbathe on the beach

Đà Nẵng is located on the coast of Vietnam and it has is one of the most beautiful beaches around the country.

Although its beach is not as breathtaking as others in Vietnam, it is designed for relaxing that you can enjoy your time to sunbathe under the sunlight there, especially until 3 pm when the beach is not so crowded. However, there are other beaches in the area where you can just enjoy your time sunbathing and sightseeing. For example, My Khe Beach, Non-Nuoc Beach, Nam O Beach, or Xuan Thieu Beach.

Bà Nà Hill

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Bà Nà Hill - Đà Nẵng

One of the best amusement parks with great weather and breathtaking landscapes. Some might be surprised with a European architect located on the mountain. To get there, you will use the cable cars that you can see this beautiful city from a high position. Then, start your journey here! You can visit Golden Bridge (recently appeared), Le Jardin d’ Amour, Linh Ung Temple, French Village, and the Fantasy Park. It should be noted that this is the most attractive place so it is busy all day. Make sure to book tickets in advance! You can book tickets online or at its ticket booths. The price (including the fee for the cable car) costs around 700.000 VND.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Golden Bridge in Đà Nẵng

Hoi An

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Hội An in Việt Nam

After your travel to Đà Nẵng, you can take a trip to Hoi An by bus, tour, or motorbike. Distinct from the modern city Đà Nẵng, Hội An is supposed to be an ancient riverside town with traditional houses and buildings. Here, you can enjoy your time next to the lazy river across the town, cycle around the village surrounded by rice, sunbathe and swim at the beach, try traditional food and beverage, take photos of this ancient town with yellow merchant houses, visit temples and pagodas...

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Ancient town Hội An
Or do you want to try out a new activity in Hoi An with us? If your answer is yes, wait no more to contact us via to do the crazy coconut basket boat activity together.

Moreover, here you might forget all the moving of the 21st century and the effect of pollution. Fresh air, delight area, friendly people, amazing food, peaceful town are what you will experience in Hội An. When the night comes, you will be drowning in the lights around this peaceful town.


Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Huế in Việt Nam

Vietnam’s Imperial City is the way people call Huế to remind the history that this city was where the Nguyen Dynasty, the last dynasty of Vietnam, ruled the country. Due to the damage from the American war, the city only remains some conservative, historic buildings until today.

And as the weather here is quite severe in the rainy season, the dry season is the best time to visit Huế to witness how beautiful it is. Traveling here, you can experience both the growing city with modern buildings and the old town with historic temples, houses. You should take time to visit the Imperial Citadel, imperial tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda, or take a trip around the countryside with bikes. Or you can make a journey to Hai Van Pass from the very high point of Central Vietnam to see how imposing Vietnam’s mountains are. That’s what you will experience with us during the trip from Đà Nẵng to Huế, let's check it out

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Visiting Huế

A dreamlike city is also another name of Huế thanks to its sweetness and dreaming beauty. Huế’s girls and women are described as gentle, sweet, and beautiful. You might see some female tour guides wearing Áo Dài and Nón Lá (traditional clothes) with long black hair. With Vietnamese, that is a Vietnamese traditional beauty.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Vietnamese beauty

Bình Định

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Bình Định in Vietnam

This peaceful and agricultural city is also a must-visit for you. Before, this city was famous for locals only, but recently, foreigners come here to explore its beauty. In the past, this was where the Quang Trung Dynasty dominated. Therefore, coming here to discover the old dynasty and histories is a need. Located on the coast of Vietnam, Bình Định owes one of the most beautiful, clean, and blue beaches around the country. Kỳ Co Beach, Quy Nhơn Beach or Eo Gió cliffs, Hòn Khô, Cù Lao Xanh are very worth a trip, enjoying the view, sunbathing and swimming.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Eo Gió in Bình Định

Here, you can also visit old towers from the Champa Kingdom still remained and are preserved until today. Take a motorbike trip to visit the Twin Towers, Silver Tower, Canh Tien Tower, or Gold Tower located around the province.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Largest Buddha statue

As this is a developing province, traveling around is quite difficult because of a lack of transportation. But, do not hesitate to make a trip from the largest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia in Ông Núi Pagoda to Trung Lương Camping, from Thiên Hậu Pagoda to Quy Nhơn, the heart city of this province.

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Phong Nhã - Kẻ Bàng

Now, it is your turn to deeply explore the nature of Central Vietnam. Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, in Quảng Bình, is described as heaven on our planet thanks to its spectacular beauty. It was formed approximately 400 million years ago, so it was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003.

Among them, Sơn Doong is the most attractive cave ever. Explored in 2009-2010 by the British Cave Research Association, but it was opened in 2013. Coming here, you might have a chance to listen and enjoy the story of discovery Sơn Doong Cave. This is where you start your research and exploration underneath the ground with a brave heart and strong legs.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Sơn Doong Cave in Vietnam

Central Highlands

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Central Highlands of Vietnam

After sunbathing at the beach, this is time to go deeply to the mountains in the Central Highlands. This area contains beautiful waterfalls, coffee plants, ethnic diversity, and spectacular scenery. This area was banned for tourism for many years and was recently opened by the Vietnamese government. Today, it is easy to get there by bus, flight, or train. Ethnic minorities mainly live in this part that makes it more diversified. Some Vietnamese urban people sometimes come here to experience the ethnic lifestyle and festivals. Of course, in the dry season, it is extremely hot so be careful to protect yourself from the sunlight.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Ethnic minorities in Central Highlands

With breathtaking and spectacular waterfalls, the Central Highlands make people feel nature and stay near nature.

Among them is Đà Lạt, one of the most attractive points of locals. Da Lat is the love and honeymoon city for couples. People might not be irresistible to its beauty. With warm and cool weather all the time, it makes people comfortable and relaxed all the time. It is believed that there are 4 seasons during the day in Đà Lạt. Warm and cool in the morning like spring, hot in the afternoon like summer, cool in the evening like fall, and cold at night as winter.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Đà Lạt in Central Vietnam

However, there is a fact that more and more people traveling to Đà Lạt, it is increasingly being "destroyed" by the people. The dry season is especially the best time ever to visit Đà Lạt, so it is crowded, polluted. The people who actually live there get scared and angry at the fact that their city is damaged and cannot retain its beauty. Therefore, please highly note that keep its beauty and protect it from man-made damage.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam in the rainy season

As discussed above, Mother Nature gives this area beauty and landscape, but she also gives it severe weather, especially in the rainy season. Storms come every year. Floods are everywhere. They work hard. Storms and floods come, then they protect everything from them. Nature disasters take everything. They cry and start everything again. That is why people living there are very positive and hardworking.

Because of the rainfalls and rough and dangerous terrains, tourism is also affected, sometimes, it is serious. In some places, rain falls all day long in a week. Streets get so flooded that it is hard for you to go around. Therefore, people believe that this is not the best time to visit Central Vietnam.

If you still want to go, then go. But remember to check the weather carefully before visiting any places to make sure the weather is good enough to do the trip. Bring every necessary thing to protect yourself. Stay far away from the high mountains, waterfalls, and coastal beaches.

However, Đà Lạt during the rainy season is also worth visiting although it gets colder and the rain might stop you from completing the trips.

Best time to visit Central Vietnam
Đà Lạt - Raniy season

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