Good season to visit Northern Vietnam

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

How many seasons are there in the North of Vietnam? Which is a good season to visit Northern Vietnam? Where are the best places to visit for each season?

Northern Vietnam

Before finding a good season to visit Northern Vietnam, there are some things you should know. It is estimated that the North of Vietnam is larger than the Central and the South of Vietnam. This region is characterized by flat and low plain. The weather here is mostly influenced by the tropical hurricanes. Moreover, it is impacted by the northeast and southeast monsoons.

Therefore, it has four distinct seasons including spring, summer, autumn and winter. Normally, winter in this region is much colder than others, especially in December and January; meanwhile the summer and autumn is hot and humid, and rainy (because of the monsoon). However, tourists can plan and start trips all year around this region.

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Spring in the North of Vietnam lasts from February to April when it gets cool and warm. Spring comes, festivals come. To Northwest Vietnam, ethnic monitories gather around in specific areas. Spring brings the peaceful atmosphere, beautiful peach blossoms, blue sky, bright sunshine for picnics, camping for everyone. Spring is also believed to be a good season to visit Northern Vietnam.


Spring in Sapa

This city is located in Lào Cai province and its landscapes are breathtaking for us. With the remains from the winter, spring in Sapa is quite chilly. From the early days of spring, trees and flowers just begin to show. Its natural landscapes are miraculous with imposing mountains, terraced fields, green forests making it become a heaven on earth. Looking at it, people might think it is like a drawing picture of a talented drawer. Visiting Sapa in spring, people also experience the way people living there enjoy Tet and join their unique festivals and activities.

Hà Giang

Spring in Hà Giang

The most famous attraction here is Đồng Văn Stone Plateau thanks to its spectacular natural landscape. It is recognised as one of few global geological parks with over 400 to 600-million-year rocky mountains. Moreover, Hà Giang is recently discovered so there are still other amazing places waiting for you to explore. It is covered by terraced fields, yellow cornfields, pinkish white flowers, peach blossoms, and colorful ethnic costumes are the reasons why you should put your foot on this place.

Mộc Châu

Spring in Mộc Châu

If you are nature-lovers, don’t forget to visit Mộc Châu for your trip. Actually, you can visit Mộc Châu anytime of year, but you should travel to Mộc Châu in Spring to witness how delightful peach blossoms, plum blossoms and white canola fields are all over the mountains and villages there. People also wander on the mountains, tea fields and enjoy the blue sky, fresh air. The special thing is this is the time for Ban flowers are blooming in white all over the entire region.

Ninh Bình

Spring in Ninh Bình

At this time, Ninh Bình is cool and chilly making your trip more comfortable. Tet holiday is when people head to temples and pagodas for praying. That is why you should visit Nình Bình, especially Bái Đính to see how imposing and crowded it is. Also, this was when the very first dynasties of Vietnam dominated, some historic buildings still remain on the mountain. Sitting lazily on the boat floating around the river, going under the amazing caves, seeing high mountains, and listening to history are all we need for this trip. Truly, this place is the most peaceful city ever.


The summer in Northern Vietnam lasts from May to July when the weather hits the hottest temperature, approximately 30℃, even 40℃. In July and early August, you should be careful with rainfalls in the entire region. However, don’t stop your plans just because of the rainfalls. It is not a big matter to stop you. So, where should you take a visit in the summer in Northern Vietnam?


Summer in Sapa

Again, Sapa is always worth visiting in all seasons of a year. Different from the spring, in summer, you will be overwhelmed by the color of terraced fields which turn yellow for the harvesting season. At this time when the temperature is not too cold like in spring and winter, you can take a trip to Heaven’s Gate, the highest mountain pass in Vietnam. Or you can summit the Fansipan Mountain, the top of Indochina, by cable car or by yourself.

Halong Bay

Summer in Ha Long Bay

Listed as one of 7 Natural Wonders of the World and recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 with over 1,600 limestone islands and cliffs, Halong Bay is one of the best destinations you should pay attention to in the North of Vietnam. In the summer, this is one of the most suitable places to escape from the heat of the sun. You should take a cruise-trip or do kayaking to see how imposing it is. Relaxing in the cruise and enjoy your time with fresh sea air, spectacular landscapes.

Ninh Bình

Summer in Ninh Bình

This peaceful city is also a must-visit destination for nature-lovers. With its cool weather, wild landscapes and the imposing mountains, you might forget the tiredness and the heat in other places.

Ba Vì National Park

Summer in Ba Vì National Park

Located near the Capital of Vietnam - only 60km from Hà Nội, this place is suitable for people wanting to escape the moving of the city and enjoy time camping wildly. This is the home of hundreds of wild, rare and endangered species. Also, you can have a chance to explore the deep caves hidden in the mountains, an orchid garden, old church, orphanage, motels of senior French officials…

Cô Tô Island

Summer in Cô Tô Island

It is located in Quảng Ninh, which makes it easier for you to get there by buses or ferries from Hà Nội. Here, you will not only immerse yourself on the beaches, but also visit some monuments of Uncle Hồ because this was the place he took a visit. It is believed that Cô Tô Island is one of the peaceful paradises in Northern Vietnam thanks to its wild beauty and dreaming beaches.


August to October is the autumn of Northern Vietnam. The weather here is hot and humid, but in October and early November, the weather is getting cooler. This is also when leaves change their own colors to yellow, which you cannot see in the Central and South of Vietnam.

Hà Nội

Autumn in Hà Nội

Why is the Capital of Vietnam not in the above list? As it is worth visiting in the Autumn which people can witness the clear change from summer to fall. You might get more comfortable under this weather to explore this big traditional city. Take a cyclo trip around the city, visit some attractions in this cool weather and see how ancient and modern the city is is not a waste for you. At night, you should walk around Hồ Gươm (Hoàn Kiếm Lake), or have a sit around that area to feel how young the city has become thanks to the fact that teenagers gather around for some activities.

Autumn in Hà Nội

In early November, streets in Hà Nội are colored by the white of Daisy flowers which makes flower-lovers overwhelmed by its beauty.

Autumn in Hà Nội

Mộc Châu

Autumn in Mộc Châu

September is supposed to be the most suitable month to visit Mộc Châu, the dreamlike town in Northern Vietnam. This is the time it gets the finest beauty with the sunny-colored rice fields. Moreover, some ethnic monitories, especially H’mong, share their own new year festival, that is Tết Độc Lập. People with their colorful costumes gather around at the market downtown in Mộc Châu. And, it attracts young people to get there thanks to the beauty of Tam Giác Mạch flowers (Buckwheat flowers).

Buckwheat flowers in Mộc Châu

Ninh Bình, Sapa

These two destinations should be added in all lists of places to visit in the North of Vietnam

Is Winter a good season to visit Northern Vietnam?

From November to January is winter time in Northern Vietnam. This is when the weather gets colder. In the Northwest, the temperature might be under 10℃. However, visiting the North is a must if you like an adventure. Furthermore, eating hot pots and BBQ somehow cure your souls in this cold weather. Moreover, people think that Winter is also a good season to visit Northern Vietnam because of the cold weather, which cannot happen in the South.


Winter in Sapa

Again, Sapa is also listed as one of the must-visit places in winter. The temperature is quite low and some days, it might get frozen which attracts thousands of people, especially Vietnamese, to visit. One of the most attractive activities in the winter is summiting Fansipan Mountain, the roof of Indochina, by foot or cable cars.

Ninh Bình

Winter in Ninh Bình

Taking advantage of the cool weather when temperature is around 20℃, exploring caves and mountains in Ninh Bình is what you can challenge yourself. Otherwise, you can rent a motorbike to go around in this weather that might help you feel more comfortable.

Tam Đảo

Winter in Tam Đảo

It is located in Vĩnh Phúc province and it is famous thanks to its beautiful wild landscapes and delicious cuisines. From Hà Nội, you can get there easily by cars, buses or motorbikes. Here, take your time to visit these following destinations under this cooler weather: Sky Gate, Thác Bạc Waterfall, Chùa Cổ… You can also have a chance to try its unique cuisine with fresh materials and ingredients.

Hà Giang, Mộc Châu

Winter in Hà Giang

Winter in Mộc Châu

Here, you might get tired of taking thousands of photos of this fabulous landscape and natural beauty, especially when Tam Giác Mạch flowers (Buckwheat flowers) flourish and snow falls.

Mẫu Sơn

Winter in Mẫu Sơn

It is located in Lạng Sơn and the highest mountainous of the province. The top of Mẫu Sơn is covered by clouds all year around. It is believed that this is the best time to visit these stunning landscapes as everything gets blurred because of the cloud and fog.

To sum up, the North of Vietnam is worth visiting in all seasons all year around. Thanks to its special weather, you can enjoy the different trip for each season. Then, don't hesitate to join the tours with us in the North of Vietnam, visit here:
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