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How to travel around Nha Trang - Make your trip more amazing with this!

Which is the best way to travel around Nha Trang? Recently, it has become an attractive destination for international tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches and islands. Some might wonder and search for ways to go around the city to avoid scams and save money as much as possible. Although scam is not as common as those in big cities, prevention is better than cure.

How to travel around Nha Trang - From the airport to the city and vice versa

It should be noted that if you travel to Nha Trang, you will stop at Cam Ranh airport, which is far away from Nha Trang. Hence, how to get to the city from that airport is a big question for tourists.


The most convenient way to get to the city is from the airport and vice versa. However, you should be careful of taxi scams if you are not familiar with the taxi system in Vietnam in general. Here are some trusting taxi brands you should take notes of. The one-way route normally costs 300.000 VND - 350.000 VND.

Vinasun Taxi - Tel: 0258 38 27 27 27

Mai Linh Taxi - Tel: 0258 38 38 38 38

Nha Trang Taxi - Tel: 0258 3 81 81 81

Airport Taxi - Tel: 0258 62 62 62 62

Khánh Hòa Taxi - Tel: 0258 3 810 810


The cheapest way to get to the city and vice versa is getting the bus. From February 2016, Đất Mới Corporation has launched the bus system from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang (route No. 18) and vice versa. One ticket costs only 50.000 VND for one way from and to the airport. You can follow the bus stops below to prepare as suitable as possible.

Travel around Nha Trang
Bus in Nha Trang

Route: 19-8 Stadium gate (10 Yersin) - 10 Trần Hưng Đạo - Nguyễn Thiện Thuật - 1 Trần Quang Khải - 86 Trần Phú - 17A Nguyễn Đức Cảnh - T-junction of Phước Đồng and Phước Lộc - Sông Lô - Bãi Dài - Roundabout Cam Lâm - 71 Company - Cam Ranh Airport and vice versa.

Moreover, you can choose Futa bus lines (Phương Trang) from or to the city. It costs you around 60.000 VND for one ticket.

Route: Northern Bus Station in Nha Trang - Quang Trung - Lý Thánh Tôn - Thái Nguyên - 23/10 - National route 1A - Hùng Vương avenue and vice versa.

Airport bus

The airport buses are 16-seat cars with air-conditioners. Airport buses usually depart every 30 minutes after the plane landed or when the car is full of seats. The ticket costs about 65,000 VND for one person. You can also buy tickets at the bus ticket counters at the entrance of the airport. However, they only pick up and drop off passengers at the old airport road (86A Trần Phú) and you have to depart 2 hours before the flight if you do not want to miss your flight.

Hotel’s pick-up service

There are some hotels providing pick-up services that you can choose when booking hotels, resorts, or guesthouses in Nha Trang. Contact them to ask whether you can do a pick-up service. Some might provide free service, but some might charge you more money.

Traveling around the city


Here are some taxi brands you should take if you want to visit the city by taxi. You should remember the brand name in order to avoid taxi scams in the city. Furthermore, you should check the meter counters carefully to make sure that you will not be overcharged by the drivers.

Vinasun Taxi - Tel: 0258 38 27 27 27

Mai Linh Taxi - Tel: 0258 38 38 38 38

Nha Trang Taxi - Tel: 0258 3 81 81 81

Khánh Hòa Taxi - Tel: 0258 3 810 810

Motorbike or cycling

An ideal idea is to explore the city and beaches by motorbike or bike. You have to pay about 120.000 VND for a rental motorbike and 70.000 VND for a rental bike. Furthermore, you should carefully check the motorbike or bike before renting to avoid any problems as much as possible.

Local bus

This is the cheapest way to explore the city. There are 6 bus systems running around the city. One ticket costs you about 4.000 VND for one route.


To explore the beach and the islands of this city, you can also use boats or canoes. If you want to explore the island by yourself, you can buy tickets at Cầu Đà Port. Otherwise, there are some tours to some islands you can do and the prices are accordingly.

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