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Let's get backpack and visit Hà Giang - The untouched beauty of Vietnam

Why should you visit Hà Giang at least one time? Where to discover the untouched beauty of Vietnam? What to pay attention to when visiting this northwest city? This blog will figure it all out for you!

If you are expecting to visit a city with high buildings, modern features, Hà Giang might not be a good option. But if you are a nature lover, you should visit Hà Giang, where to please your heart and soul. You will be stunned by the beauty of perilous trails, hairpin turns, steep cliffs, and unspoiled landscapes. 

Visit Hà Giang
The Beauty of Hà Giang

It is located right on the border of Vietnam and China and spread over rolling hills, impressive rice fields, and green valleys, so it is known as Vietnam’s last frontier.

To be honest, it has been an attractive place to visit for visitors, both domestic and foreigners recently, so it’s less busy than other places in the North of Vietnam, for example, Sapa. Therefore, it’s a pleasure for those who travel there to explore the raw beauty and local characteristics.

When to visit Hà Giang?

Not the preferable time to visit Hà Giang

Well, visitors can travel to Hà Giang anytime all year round since each month possesses its own specialty. However, it’s highly noted that you should consider carefully if traveling there from July to September since this is the rainy season of that region; hence, it might affect your trip. Sometimes, when the weather is worse and the rainfall is heavy, storms, floods might occur and impact the local life, crops, ways, and of course, your plans.

Best time to visit Hà Giang

Yet, it’s true to claim that each month has a different specialty and is attractive by its own color. At the beginning of the year, when the Vietnamese Lunar New Year takes place, you will have a chance to explore some traditional activities, not only Vietnamese but also local. This is when all family members gather around with their parents and grandparents after long days living far away. Or you can experience the Water Buffalo Fighting Festival, Horse Race… in Vietnamese style.

Terraced Rice Fields
Terraced Rice Fields

In March, this is when people can check in there and share their beautiful photos and emotional posts on Facebook, Instagram with imposing peach and plum trees. In April, why not go there and join Khâu Vai Love Market and find a Vietnamese lover?

Want to admire the beauty of Vietnamese terraced rice fields, especially in Hà Giang? Don’t hesitate to take your backpacks and go there in May and June and take photos of this picturesque scenery.

It’s a time for the harvest! In August and September, the landscape is colored in yellow by terraced rice fields. You might have a chance to join with local people and work on those rice fields, harvest, and enjoy their daily activities such as having lunch, enjoying tea, and chatting…

What is it famous for? It’s buckwheat flowers. That thousand buckwheat flowers flourish around the town attracts thousands of people, especially Vietnamese teenagers every year. The chilly weather, together with the purple buckwheat fields can hold you back.

The beauty of buckwheat flowers
The beauty of buckwheat flowers

That’s not enough about it. When visiting it in December, you will not only enjoy the cold weather different from other places in Vietnam, but you will also admire the cabbage flowers everywhere in that place. The yellow color of those flowers seems to be the natural sign for a new year coming.

How to visit Hà Giang?

Well if you are a person who just wants to make sure that your trip there will be somehow perfect, you should book tours from Hà Nội, the best option, or from where you want to start, for example, Hồ Chí Minh City.

If you want to explore this rural city, just do it by yourself. I will figure out some ways for you to reach it and start your journey.

It’s easier for you to start from Hà Nội since if you start from Hồ Chí Minh City or anywhere around Vietnam, you all have to stop in Hà Nội first. Then, there are two ways to do your own trip.

The colorful terraced rice fields
The colorful terraced rice fields

Taking the local buses (day or night buses are available) is the first option. There are several bus and tour companies operating those buses. The price is flexible depending on each company, kind of bus, and time of travel. It costs you around 250.000 VND - 300.000 VND for one ticket.

Otherwise, especially when you are on an adventure, you should rent a motorbike from Hà Nội and drive to Hà Giang. Well, although the roads have not been upgraded and are somehow hard to go, the beauty of the landscape is also the reason for you to get through the difficulties. Just remember not to choose this option when the rainy season occurs as the roads are slippery enough to break your plan and injure you.

Notes for you

The tough roads for travelers
The tough roads for travelers

Well, there are some ethnic groups living in Hà Giang still “close their doors” for strangers, especially foreigners; hence, you should keep in mind some notes before starting your journey.

  • When visiting the villages, if you see someone hangs “the green leaf” or “red pile” in front of their houses, you shouldn’t go further as they don’t want to be interrupted by strangers

  • Stay far away from the forbidden forests and zones

  • Leave the trees and everything belonging to Mother Nature alone since they believe Mother Nature gives them all and they have to protect them

  • Rent a motorbike to travel around since this is the best option for travelers. Just remember to check everything before renting due to tough roads

  • Stay inside the house at night as much as possible, well, it has not developed like others

  • It increasingly gets colder at night so remember to protect yourself from the cold

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