Mekong Delta: where to do a real countryside trip

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Not only is famous for the nine branches of the river, but Mekong Delta is also well-known for its countryside attractions. Then, where should you visit to complete your trip in the Southwest of Vietnam?

Generally, the Mekong Delta is a big area with silty soil making it so-called the rice bowl of Vietnam. When it comes to tourism, Mekong Delta is famous for rice fields, orchard villages, floating markets, home of endangered animals… Therefore, there are a lot of activities and places waiting for you to explore. Check the list below to keep in mind some must-visit cities in Mekong Delta.

Besides, you can join us to make a trip together in this beautiful area. Travelling with a local is somehow a good idea for you to explore the real countryside of Mekong Delta and avoid being mis-communicated and overcharged. We are always welcome you whenever you want to start our trip together. Read more at

An Giang - Mekong Delta

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

If you want to visit the real Mekong Delta, An Giang is where you should start your adventure. You can visit An Giang anytime all year around, but the best time is from January to April when the weather is the finest. There, take time to sit on the boat floating on the river to admire beautiful water-lilies and enjoy the countryside atmosphere.

Otherwise, you can visit the Forbidden Mountain with 7 imposing mountains including some less tourist ones. So, why don’t you prepare and go there to explore them by yourself? These mountains are also attractive thanks to its Buddhist works and statues that Vietnamese annually pilgrimage to pray for health, wealth, and life.

Moreover, Tra Su Cajuput Forest is worth to visit where you can find yourself wallowed and floating in the green color of river and trees. Don’t forget to try the specialities and traditional food of An Giang to make your trip more amazing.

Đồng Tháp

Đồng Tháp

Đồng Tháp is the home of lotuses immensely flourishing in the river. It is believed that you can visit Đồng Tháp anytime all year around and you can feel the difference of Đồng Tháp in each season.

This is where you can take a sit in some thatch hut, admire the river full of lotuses and keep the peaceful moment in your heart forever. Otherwise, you can do a boat trip along the river, act like a farmer and try to pick lotuses. After that, taking time to enjoy local cuisine made from lotus.

Then, take a trip to Tràm Chim National Park, home of animals and endangered species. You will find the scenery that tons of storks are flying along the sky like a play in the theatre. Not only that, coming there to enjoy the fresh air and spectacular natural landscape is not a bad idea.

Bến Tre

Bến Tre

Bến Tre is not strange for tourists since it has become one of the must-visit destinations in the Mekong Delta for both locals and foreigners. Normally, some tour operations do a combined trip of Bến Tre and Mỹ Tho since they are close together.

Bến Tre is situated around the end of the Mekong River and with rough terrain and tangled canals, so it used to be one of the most important battlefields in Mekong. Furthermore, you can visit Bến Tre anytime, but the best time to visit it is May, June or July, the months of tropical fruits that you can have a chance to learn more about Vietnamese tropical fruits.

There, you don’t have to do a bus trip anymore; instead, take time to do a trip boat along the river to admire how imposing Mekong Delta is and stop by some small islets during the trip. Bến Tre is also famous for its islets such as Cồn Islet, Phụng Islet.

Not only that, talking about Bến Tre, we cannot miss coconut candy, its specialty. If you can visit some place making coconut candy, you can learn about the process to make it and other coconut products.

Kiên Giang

Different from others, Kiên Giang is a coastal city and it's famous for beaches and islands. Thanks God, Kiên Giang has just opened for tourism that some of its attractions are still waiting for you to explore.

If you say that you are not a beach-lover so you will skip this place. Trust me, it’s a big mistake. Not only is famous for beaches, but Kiên Giang also owns a big National Park named U Minh Thượng - home of thousands of animals.

Hà Tiên

Hà Tiên

Hà Tiên belongs to Kiên Giang Province and is described as a heaven on earth, according to a famous Vietnamese poet in the past. Hà Tiên was explored around 400 years ago by Mạc family. Thanks to that, Hà Tiên still preserves the beauty that Mother Nature gives it. You can actually visit it anytime, but in the rainy season, from June, your trip might be affected by rain and storm.

For mountain-lovers, you can do a motorbike trip to Đá Dựng Mt, Núi Đèn Mt, and Thạch Động Cave to explore these imposing mountains by yourself. From the very high points, you can admire the boundless ocean offshore.

For beach-lovers, don’t forget to let yourself relax on the beach called Mũi Nai, Phụ Tử Islet (the shape is described as a father and son standing next to each other), or Hòn Chồng Islet.

One more thing you should not skip is Hải Tặc Island (so-called Pirate Island). According to some locals, before being explored, this island used to be a hidden place for pirates that no one could put their feet in. Let’s see, when visiting there, perhaps you can find treasure they left behind. The most important treasure is its wild natural beauty waiting for you to explore.

Phú Quốc

Phú Quốc

Also belonging to Kiên Giang Province, Phú Quốc is described as the jewel island of Vietnam in general. The best time to visit Phú Quốc is the dry season (from October to March), but you can also visit it in rainy season (remember to check the weather before that to avoid bad situation).

Since Phú Quốc is isolated from the inland shape of the country and less residential, this place is less explored. It has recently become famous attraction internationally. With its wildnesses and beautiful nature, this is a must-come island for the people loving vitamin-sea.

There are some small beaches to go swimming and doing coral reef scuba diving, but they are quite far from the center, that is why you should learn how to ride motorbikes. For example, Bãi Sao, Bãi Dài, Gành Dầu Cape, Bãi Ông Lang… Or, you should spend time to stop by the Phú Quốc Prison to see how terrible the war was in Vietnam and the exploration of Phú Quốc from the very early days.

Nam Du

Nam Du

When you are visiting Kiên Giang Province, don’t hesitate to spend your time at Nam Du Island, one of the primitive islands of the country. This island has recently opened for tourists so its glorious and wild beauty still remains. Furthermore, the island has been developing, so the accommodation is not diversified.

To explore this island, you have to do it by yourself without any electric support because Google Maps doesn’t work here. Going around with the motorbikes, some might be surprised at the breathtaking views from the island.

Cà Mau

Cà Mau Pole

Cà Mau is the cape of Vietnam which is regarded as the youngest sister of Vietnam’s family. You should visit Cà Mau from December to April when it is in the dry season that your trip will not be impacted of floods.

Don’t forget to visit the Cà Mau Pole to prove that you visit the South Pole of Vietnam. Moreover, Cà Mau is where U Minh Hạ National Park is situated. With U Minh Thượng National Park in Kiên Giang mentioned above, they are divided into 2 different national parks of of the very big mangrove forest - U Minh Forest between Trẹm River.

Since this is not the attraction for international tourists, you can discover the real Mekong is. There, don’t be surprised if you are well treated by friendly local people since it is believed that people living in the Mekong are very kind and friendly. Moreover, wait no more to enjoy the specialities and traditional food of Cà Mau.

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