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Let's explore the amazing national parks in the South of Vietnam

Where to hide from the bustle of life and stay close to nature in Vietnam? Which are the amazing national parks in the South of Vietnam? Where to do hiking and mountain biking and bird-watching?

National parks in the South of Vietnam are not so different from the North or the Center of Vietnam. In my previous blog, I have listed the amazing national parks in the North and the Center of Vietnam. You can visit here if you miss it.

To be honest, the move of the South is busier than the North and the Center, that’s why lots of travelers want to escape the crowd and be deeply immersed in the huge parks covered by the green color.

Let’s discover which national park is suitable for your trip.

List of national parks in the South

Núi Chúa National Park

Núi Chúa National Park is situated on a wide, mountainous promontory between Cam Ranh and Phan Rang Bays. It is one of the few remaining sites in Southeast Asia where the coastal and marine habitats are still in relatively good condition, and it protects impressive and largely intact biodiversity.

national park in the south
Núi Chúa National Park

It contains unique semi-arid vegetation and sea turtle nesting beaches and is located on a promontory bordering a marine park with coral reefs. The road winding all the way around the promontory has been opened access to spectacular beaches, forests, and mountain springs, as well as pretty little fishing harbors.

According to Wikipedia, there are 72 mammal species and 181 bird species that have been recorded in Núi Chúa National Park; moreover, this is home to some endangered species such as Asian Black Pear.

Whenever visiting Mũi Né, don’t forget to drive to Núi Chúa National Park by motorbikes to explore the coastal view and admire its own beauty.

Côn Đảo National Park

Côn Đảo is an isolated island belonging to Vũng Tàu Province, 2 hours by bus from Hồ Chí Minh City. Côn Đảo is still an undeveloped island where everything is hard to be accessed. Hence, this is where you will totally enjoy your eco-trip and stay close to nature.

Núi Chúa National Park
Núi Chúa National Park

Côn Đảo National Park is one of the most important ones in Vietnam and the place for thousands of 144 species, 14 of which are in the group of precious rare animals. In comparison with other natural parks, Côn Đảo has a land vertebrate fauna of global significance.

Not only that, but Côn Đảo National Park is also home to 1,321 marine species of which 37 are listed in Vietnam’s Red Books. The most special thing is Côn Đảo is where you can find a large number of sea turtles in Vietnam.

Visiting Côn Đảo National Park is a chance for you to enjoy your own peaceful trip ever, stay far away from the bustle of life. For traveling to Côn Đảo, there are two ways: taking the ferry from Vũng Tàu or taking flights of Vasco of Vietnam Airlines.

Cát Tiên National Park

Cát Tiên National Park is a true jungle where some activities like hiking, mountain biking, and bird-watching are the best in the south of Vietnam. It is located in Đồng Nai Province, 2 hours from Hồ Chí Minh City by motorbikes.

This is home to 100 types of mammals, 79 types of reptiles, 41 amphibian species, plus an incredible array of snakes, spiders, and insects, including 400 or so butterfly species. Of the 350-plus birds, rare species include the orange-necked partridge and Siamese fire back.

Cát Tiên National Park
Cát Tiên National Park

It’s highly noted that Cát Tiên National Park is recognized by UNESCO as a “World Biosphere Reserve”. The best time to visit it is from December to May when the weather is fine and the rainfall cannot impact the paths that might make you in danger.

Phú Quốc National Park

There is where you want to take a nature-friendly trip ever to explore Phú Quốc. This is one of its natural wonders with immense forests and marine resources. This is also a part of the Biosphere Reserve of Kiên Giang Province (well, Phú Quốc is a district belonging to it), which is a UNESCO designated site.

Phú Quốc National Park
Phú Quốc National Park

Phú Quốc National Park is home to a variety of wildlife, endangered species and human beings, of course. It covers half of the northern region in Phú Quốc Island. If you are an adventure lover, Phú Quốc National Park is for you where you can go hiking and explore the forests.

Besides visiting all the national parks in the South of Vietnam, there are more activities waiting for you to explore. Let's do something different together, contact us now for more tours in the South!
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