The popular supermarkets, electronic stores and convenience stores in Vietnam

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Which supermarkets and convenience stores are popular in Vietnam? How to identify and distinguish them among others?

Well, this seems to be none of a commonly searched topic when traveling to Vietnam, but just imagine when you want to find something local and affordable or buy Vietnamese products, where you want to go compared to tourist sites?

It’s time you want to find local supermarkets or convenience stores for a good price and truthful products. It’s not difficult to identify them, trust me. However, there’s one thing I want to mention is that it’s just hard when you travel to some small towns, remote areas or newly discovered sites.

Then, how can you buy something when in need? Try to find some local product stores, I mean, some big or small families having enough space to sell everything. In the past, this kind of business used to be more common, but with the development of societies, supermarkets and convenience stores has been replacing them. Luckily, they are still popular in some small towns and areas.

Then, let’s discover which kinds of supermarkets and convenience stores are common! Well, I don’t want to make this blog too lengthy by writing about what you can find at those ones so I just list all of them here for whom need. Generally, at the supermarkets, you might find everything with a reasonable price, sometimes it’s cheaper than expected with several brands. At some convenience stores, well, the price is quite higher and of course, none of everything can be found there.


Co.op Mart

Big C Supermarket

Lotte Mart

Aeon Mall


Mega Market


Lanchi Mart

Electronic stores

Điện máy xanh


Thế giới di động

FPT Shop

Viễn thông A

Nguyễn Kim

Cellphone S

Convenience stores


Circle K

B’s Mart



Co.op Food




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