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Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam to complete your travel list

Not only be famous for imposing mountainous landscapes, but the North of Vietnam is also well-known for its beautiful vitamin-sea attractive beaches. Then, which are the beaches in northern Vietnam that you should not miss?

It’s a big favor for the Vietnamese to own several beautiful coastal cities that you can spend most of your time sunbathing and swimming on the beaches, especially when it comes to some beaches in northern Vietnam.

When traveling to the North, people normally visit or discover mountainous landscapes such as the terraced rice fields in Sapa, the imposing mountains in Ninh Binh, the beauty of silence in Hanoi.

Unfortunately, they skip other attractions where they can blow off the heat and soak in the water in the North. I’m not sure whether it’s a big mistake or not, but for me, you miss something very special when traveling to Vietnam. Let’s find out why I say so.

Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam

Halong Bay - Quảng Ninh

Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam
Halong Bay

Of course, the very first destination listed in this blog is Halong Bay - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Coming here, tourists might be thundershock by its imposing natural wonder and most of them are limestones (some have gone through 500 million years of formation). Generally, Halong Bay includes 1960 - 2000 islets with different features and shapes.

There, you will not only have a chance to swim among spectacular towering limestone pillars, but you will also discover some mysterious and colorful caves such as Sửng Sốt Cave (Surprising Cave), Trinh Nữ Cave (Virgin Cave), or Thiên Cung Cave (Paradise Cave).

Otherwise, taking your time to sunbathe, swim, do kayaking, or boating on some famous beaches in Halong bay is not a bad idea. A blue sky, crystal water, fine sand together with cool weather among green-colored towering limestone pillars will make you satisfied from the bottom of the heart.

One more way to discover this World Heritage Site is taking a trip with your local friends at HaHa Tours. We can do a trip in 1 or 2 days depending on your timetable when visiting the North of Vietnam. Just contact us to leave your information and the time you want to go, we will arrange everything for you. Contact us via or

Cô Tô Island - Quảng Ninh

Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam
Cô Tô Island

Cô Tô Island is described as an inland paradise thanks to its dreamlike beauty. It also belongs to Quảng Ninh Province, near Halong Bay; however, it’s less discovered than which you will have a chance to enjoy your relaxing time quietly.

If visiting Cô Tô Island, don’t forget to stop by the Lighthouse, especially when the night comes. To get to the top of the Lighthouse, surely you will have to climb up 72 stairs, but trust me, it’s worth doing that. From the high point, you might wish time would stop to keep that moment forever.

You can also visit Bãi Đá Cầu Mỹ (Cầu Mỹ Rock Reef) where you might be attracted by the sedimentary rocks eroded over thousand years of formation. It is believed that when you put your feet on the layers of the rocks, they might be changed in different colors.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to do a trip around Hồng Vân Beach or Vài Chải Beach. You might be impressed by the favor that Mother Nature gave Cô Tô Island.

Quan Lạn Island - Quảng Ninh

Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam
Quan Lạn Island

Quan Lạn Island - a neglected island where you might totally be yourself. Quan Lạn Island is situated in Bái Tử Long Bay with a population of about 5.000 people.

Quan Lạn Island is described as a charming and romantic girl hiding from the severe life and just appearing for whom recognizing its beauty. Sitting there to admire the sunrise or sunset is of course the best idea ever.

Since the island is less discovered, it can still retain its wild beauty and it’s worth making a bike trip around the island to admire the beach, the forest, and the people’s living life.

There are 3 pristine beaches that you should set foot in when visiting Quan Lạn Island including Minh Châu Beach, Sơn Hào Beach, and Quan Lạn Beach. The 3 distinguish beaches own different beauty and features. If you are an adventure-lover who is fond of some strong-feeling sports, take time to stop by Sơn Hào Beach. On the other hand, if you want to be yourself in a quiet atmosphere, don’t hesitate to visit Minh Châu Beach. And just find Quan Lạn Beach if you want to find a charming and romantic place to take photos.

Cát Bà Island- Hải Phòng

Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam
Cát Bà Island

Cát Bà Island is one of the most attractive destinations in the North of Vietnam that you should not skip. Cát Bà Island insists on 367 islets in which Cát Bà (or Ngọc Islet) is the main one.

Nothing can be compared to swimming among high mountains and rocky cliffs, blue sky, and crystal water in Cát Bà Island. Otherwise, you can do scuba-diving, kayaking, or other sports to make your trip more challenging.

One more interesting activity you should not miss when discovering Cát Bà Island is trekking in Cát Bà National Park, well, though it’s not relevant to our topic. Moreover, some tourists like to do a boat trip to Lan Hạ Bay to admire the beauty that Mother Nature left behind.

Đồng Châu Beach - Thái Bình

Top 5 beaches in northern Vietnam
Đồng Châu Beach

Why Đồng Châu Beach is listed in this blog is that it is worth being the representative for other Vietnamese local beaches. Although Đồng Châu Beach is not as famous as others like Cát Bà Island, it might still make your trip list more diversified and valuable.

It’s quite hard to find some tourist sites in this region, but you will have an opportunity to explore the fishing lives of Vietnamese local people and the way they earn money.

People there stay close to the beach that they create some beach activities, performances, and games that you can learn more about Vietnamese culture.

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