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Vietnamese cultures and customs: Dos and Don’ts! Special tips for you!

What to follow to avoid embarrassing situations while traveling in Vietnam? What is the most special thing when it comes to Vietnamese cultures? How to behave in this traditional country? Let's discover now!

Traveling to a country is learning about nature, the customs, the tradition, the culture of that country, especially in a traditional and diverse cultural country like Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is divided into 3 regions with 3 different cultures and traditions; nevertheless, they are the same in general.

Actually, thanks to the development of society, Vietnam has been becoming more and more open-minded that you don’t have to worry like before. With the Vietnamese young generation, you can behave in Western-style, and with the old generation, just remember some basic customs.

Vietnamese cultures
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Then, what should you keep in mind?

Visiting religious sites


  • Wear long pants or dress to cover your body (at least to the knees)

  • Respect everyone even visitors or monks

  • Ask before taking photos, especially in-house works

  • Definitely keep silent, especially when people do worship


  • Wear your hats when visiting a sacred site

  • Wear shorts, tight-fitting clothes, a bikini…

  • Touch the head of any statue even the small one to express the respect

  • Put your feet on any sacred statues

Greeting and meeting


  • Say “Xin Chào” when meeting someone, or just “Hi” with young people. Or simply bowing your head instead

  • Shake hands in some formal meeting

  • Keep smiling while greeting since Vietnamese are fun-loving

  • Do eye contact while talking


  • Hug or kiss when greeting, especially with female

  • Be rude in the first-time meeting

  • Call someone by a proper title that you are not sure is true or not, especially with aged people

  • Glare at someone while greeting



  • Reply whether you can accept the invitation or not

  • Bring a small gift if you are invited to visit a family

  • Give lucky money and wear bright-colored clothes to a wedding ceremony

  • Bring incense and wear black or white clothes to a funeral


  • Keep silent if you cannot accept the invitation

  • Wear colorful clothes and make noise in a funeral

On the table


  • Eat after the elder starts

  • Try to use the chopsticks to enjoy a meal

  • Have small talk and smile when having meals

  • Enjoy meal even though you don’t like it honestly

  • Invite the family to start the meal with “Moi ca nha an com”

  • Say “Mot, hai, ba dzo” to cheer up while drinking beers or alcohol

  • Help them to clean the table after eating


  • Laugh loudly while eating

  • Play with the utensils, especially chopsticks and food

  • Act like you don’t like the food. One tip for you, just say you cannot eat it because it’s your first time or you are a foreigner

In a house


  • Take off your shoes, hats, and jackets when walking inside

  • Greet the family from the eldest people

  • Ask before using something or taking photos


  • Freely go inside the house without permission

  • Using everything naturally like at your home

In the public


  • Say “Cam on” to thank someone

  • Say “Xin loi” to apologize to someone

  • Make room for walkers on the street


  • Point at someone by hands

  • Flaunt your money

  • Glare at someone

  • Take photos in military sites

  • Get naked in the public area

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