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Best ideas for Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts

Which kind of Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts that you can buy? What represents the country most? If you are wondering this and wanting something as a gift, here is what you need to know!

Stay calm! Here are some clues of Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts to make it easier for you. Well, it’s a joy to discover a new culture in a different country and you want to share it with some people in your home country when coming back. You are looking for something special for your family members and friends but you are stuck in so many things. 

List of Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts


Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Vietnamese coffee

According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation), Vietnam is ranked as one of the top countries producing coffee annually. Therefore, Vietnamese coffee should be packed in your bag when coming back home. It depends on how much you want to pay for a pack of coffee. You can buy Trung Nguyên Coffee (The No.1 coffee brand in Vietnamese) or others. You can find them in supermarkets, night markets, markets or some coffee shops.


Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Vietnamese tea

Also ranked as one of the top countries producing tea annually, Vietnam is where you can find good-quality tea. There are a hundred types of tea you can choose from, from lotus tea to jasmine tea, from green tea to oolong. The price for one pack of tea is also depended on which kind and brand you want to buy.

Ceramic Products

Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Ceramic Products

Around Vietnam, there are some special pottery villages from the North to the South that you should visit of. You might have a chance to learn how to make pottery products and make one for yourself. Don’t forget to keep it carefully and give it to your special person later. Otherwise, you can buy some handmade ceramic products for your friends and family members.

Áo Dài

Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
H'Hen Niê in Áo Dài and Nón Lá

If you want something very very special in Vietnam, this is what you need. Áo Dài is the traditional custom of Vietnam, especially for girls and women. Men can wear it, actually, but for some special occasion like their wedding ceremonies. There are some ready-made Áo Dài that you can buy; otherwise, you can ask a tailor to sew it for you. It should be noted that the Áo Dài should fit your body shape to show up your beauty. The price for one piece of Áo Dài (including pants) is around 350.000 VND to 1.000.000 VND depending on the materials. Nón Lá

Nón Lá

Together with Áo Dài, Nón Lá (or palm-leaf conical hat) is also the symbol of Vietnam, especially for girls and women. The price for one costs around 50.000 VND to 100.000 VND depending on whether you want to buy a simple one or an embroidered one.


Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Vietnamese silk

Vietnamese silk is made in traditional handlooms in very beautiful patterns with distinguished colors and sizes. Silk is commonly used by Vietnamese to make scarves, paintings, and Vietnamese costumes. You can buy silks everywhere in Vietnam whether at the markets in some big cities or in some ethnic areas. Just a small note for you is that you should be careful of fake silk wth the cheap price since it’s not good for ou skin and even your health.


Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Vietnamese chopstick

The first thing pumping out of my mind is chopsticks. Traveling to a new country is learning a new culture. Traveling to Vietnam is learning how to use chopsticks. When you get used to it, you will find how useful it is to use chopsticks when eating. Then why shouldn’t you buy chopsticks and show your family members how you use them? Otherwise, there are other utensils that you might not find anywhere else except Vietnam.


Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Vietnamese ingredients

Yes, I mention ingredients. Soy sauces, fish sauces, chili powder… As a Vietnamese, I believe that Vietnamese cannot eat anything without these ingredients. Fish sauces are everywhere and used to cook everything except sweet things. Buying Vietnamese ingredients is not a bad idea to make you remember Vietnamese food.


Vietnamese souvenirs and gifts
Food and Fruit

Well, I’m not mentioning Phở or anything that can be kept for long days. There is some Vietnamese food that you can buy back home such as Vietnamese instant noodles, dried fruits, and seafood… The food goes to your stomach but the taste stays forever in your heart.

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