You want to visit Hue? The most popular places to visit in Hue

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

You want to visit Hue - the former Imperial City of Vietnam. You are finding some beautiful and peaceful tourist places to visit in Hue and complete your travel list. Here is what you need!

Different from other places in Vietnam, Huế is something old, something former that adventurous trip is not expected. There, in Huế, you should do a “gentle”, peaceful trip to visit Hue, admire tons of works of the old capital city. 

Huế is where the very last Vietnamese kingdom reigned the country 1800s, it’s Nguyễn Dynasty. And of course, Huế was the old capital of Vietnam for 140 years from 1804 until 1945. Moreover, Huế is described as a dreamlike city where you might find yourself peaceful, relaxed.

Visit Hue with these beautifully peaceful places! Let’s check it out!

Huế Imperial Citadel

Huế Imperial City

Huế Imperial Citadel or the Complex of Huế Monuments is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. This Citadel was built during 27 years, from Gia Long - the first emperor of Nguyễn Dynasty. This is the most massive construction during that time which involved thousands of workers, cubic meters of rocks…

In total, there are 10 main majestic gates leading to the Imperial City of Hue, which can be divided into two main parts excluding houses and mansions: The Citadel and The Forbidden City. There, you can visit majestic palaces, tombs and museums with a very typical Vietnamese styles and designs. Wait no more to check in and take photos of this old but modern citadel.

The Purple Forbidden City

The Purple Forbidden City

When visiting Huế Imperial Citadel, don’t forget to visit The Purple Forbidden City as well. The name refers to the walled city which is located inside the huge fortified citadel complex on the banks of the Perfume River.

It was believed that this is the safest place to live at that time since it is situated inside the main citadel and moat, plus 3.7m high brick walls behind it. However, most parts of the citadel were destroyed by the wars and the change of time. But, no worries friends, as I think the left is enough and good to visit.

It should be noted that you should pay 150.000 VND (around $7) to visit The Purple Forbidden City. The ticket booth is put close to the main entrance.

The Imperial Tombs

Tomb of Emperor Khải Định

If you are interested in mysterious secrets of Vietnam, wait no more to visit hundreds of imperial tombs in Huế. actually, you can visit any tomb there; however, three of the most popular ones are Tomb of Emperor Minh Mạng, Tomb of Emperor Tự Đức and Tomb of Emperor Khải Định.

Emperor Gia Long was the first emperor of Nguyễn Dynasty (1800s of course). However, the location of Tomb of Emperor Gia Long is the furthest from the city center and the worst condition. Therefore, it’s not as popular as the rest that only local people visit everyday.

Thiên Mụ Pagoda

Thiên Mụ Pagoda

Located close to the picturesque Hương River, it’s not hard to find and visit Thiên Mụ Pagoda - one of the must-visit places in Huế. Of course, this is a religious site that it requires you to follow some rules such as wearing suitable clothes.

This is the oldest pagoda in Huế that has been witnessing the long-standing history of the old city. There are tons of old folklore about Thiên Mụ Pagoda, which can enhance your knowledge and make your trip more amazing and colorful.

It’s sad but true that Thiên Mụ Pagoda was seriously destroyed in 1904 by a terrible storm. But this is one of the significantly important religious sites in Vietnam that many of efforts and money used to reconstruct and restore it. Though the one you visit today is not the original one, it is the home of many valuable antiques of both historical and artistic value and importance.

Are you ready to visit Hue with the locals and explore more about this beautiful city? Let's do it together! Book the tour now!

Vọng Cảnh Hill

Vọng Cảnh Hill

Do you want to admire how peaceful and imposing Huế is? Come to visit Vọng Cảnh Hill in the dawn or sunset. This is where you can see fruit garden of label, orange, tangerine… which is covered by pine and ancient roofs of temples.

From the high point of Vọng Cảnh Hill, you can sightsee the poetic view of Hương River that you might get yourself create some poems, well, this is common in Vietnam when it comes to a dreamlike brain.

Hương River

Hương River

A dreamlike and poetic river ever. There are thousands of poems, narratives, stories created about Hương River. Of course you don’t need to write this destination down in your note since you will definitely see it and admire it on your way visiting this old city.

How peaceful it is to take a cup of coffee in the bank of the river and enjoy the cool weather, the beauty of the river. Huong River is the big river flows through the central of Hue city. Huong river has two big branches which flow from the range of Truong Son Mountain.

Some people literally translate it into Perfume River since Hương means Perfume in English. Maybe some can enjoy the smell from the river that they think the name should be translated like that. But actually, the river flows through Huong Tra commune that it has that name.

Đông Ba Market

Đông Ba Market

Đông Ba Market is the oldest of its kind in Huế where you can find household items, handicrafts, clothing and fresh produce like fruits, seafood... with reasonable prices.

If you want to try local traditional cuisine at an affordable price, wait no more to visit the ground floor that your stomach will be pleased. The best time to enjoy fresh food is from 07:00 to 11:00 when most of locals go there to have breakfast.

In the tourist perspective, Đông Ba Market is not so attractive to visit like others; nevertheless, travelling is to discover the local lifestyles and the tradition. Then, should we put it in our must-visit list in Huế?

Trường Tiền Bridge

Over 100 years, the graceful bridge still reflects on the Hương River to witness all the ups and downs of history and countless 'scars of time’ and becomes a romantic symbol of the ancient capital.

Actually Trường Tiền Bridge has many names such as Thành Thái, Clemenceau, Nguyen Hoang and Truong Tien or Trang Tien since the bridge was located near a coin casting enterprise of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Together with Thiên Mụ Pagoda, the bridge was seriously damaged by a storm in 1904. In 1906, the bridge was repaired, and the bridge surface was changed from wood to reinforced concrete.

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