Welcome to Viet Nam!

We are Vietnamese teenagers, Saigon lovers, food addict and travellers.

We specialize in Vietnamese cuisine and cultures. For us, Viet Nam is still a big mystery that needs to be discovered. And therefore, we have the best tour guides who can’t wait to show you around, and let you know why Vietnam is worth visiting.

Join us, we will show you how real Vietnamese people live, how to enjoy the foods and drinks, where are the must-visit places and more. Walk around by yourself might be confusing, let us help you to figure out Viet Nam is more than just a name!

Opening this travel company for me is an opportunity. When I took some foreign friends of mine around Saigon and other cities in Vietnam, I think I like this job more and more. So I started some researches, scheduled tours, created my own website and did a lot of promotions.

At the end of 2016, HaHa Tours was just like any other startups, small and unknown to anyone. And I can’t forget how thrilled I was when I saw the first customers booking for the “Yummy On Bike” tour, that was on March, 2017. For me, that was not only a tour, but hope, that one day HaHa Tours would be well-known to everyone. Even though we did not include pick-up service, we asked our guests and did it anyway. There stood a girl with 3 bunches of flowers, hoping her customers will be pleased and enjoy every second in Viet Nam, and they did. Me and my guides gave them our enthusiasm, showed them our hospitality and in return, they gave us our first 5 starts review and recommended our tour to their friends.

From that day, my guides and I promised to ourselves that we would always treat our customers with love, joy and let them feel like home when we’re around, just like our first guests did!

Let us know your desires, what you want and crave for, so that we can do our best to make your dreams come true during your visit in Viet Nam, our beloved country. And don’t forget that we offer private custom tours, which are designed based on your desire, what you truly wish for and your budget as well!

It is our aim and commitment to make your time in Vietnam memorable and joyful by providing you our devotion and flexible services.

Founder: Hanah Huyen

HaHa Tours


It is my aim and commitment to have your time in Vietnam memorable and overjoyed with HaHa Tours team. 

For reservation:                booking@hahatours.com

For partners and feedback: hanah@hahatours.com

Tel, Whatsapp, Kakaotalk: +84 979 618 469

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