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Duration: 11 hours (10:00 - 21:00)

Price: 95 USD/pax

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Shall we do a gentle trip to explore Da Nang besides some tourist attractions? And then, let’s drive to Hoi An - the ancient city in the 21st century to enjoy a vivid night?

Though Da Nang and Hoi An are the most attractive destinations for both locals and foreigners, people still preserve the natural landscapes, old works from the past and cultures making anyone coming to these places move them more.

Visit the Rooster Church 

Around 10:00, our tour guide will welcome you at your accommodation and start our first trip to explore the secrets in Da Nang.

Let’s put aside the developing city to dig into Da Nang Cathedral which is so-called the peaceful place in the city center. Do you see something special on the top of the church? Yah, that’s right friends, it’s the rooster weathercock making the church called Rooster Church as well. Shall we go around and deep into the church to admire the old French architectures and listen to the long-standing story of the church?

Explore Han Market

Alright, let’s do a walk to one of the famous local markets of the city to explore the so-called “shopping heaven” for locals and tourists - that is Han Market. With nearly 600 kiosks, Han Market is where you can nearly find everything you need there. Not only that, let us show you how a local traditionally goes to the market everyday to buy stuffs and food for themselves and their family.

Try Cong Coffee

Get tired and thirsty already? Me too, friends. Shall we find some place to take a rest and drink something? There are some coffee shops has still opened from years ago until today and one of them is Cong Cafe where you might find yourself back to the past thanks to its antique decoration and design. Let’s take a rest and watch the moving of the 21st century while sitting in a past-decorated coffee shop.

Enjoy lunch

It’s time to eat something and re-energise for the next activities. I know one place that can help us out. Let’s stop by Madame Lan Restaurant and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine with specialities of Central Vietnam while admiring Han River nearby.

Is your energy fully charged? If yes, let’s get on the bus and start our trip to Hoi An - the ancient town in 21st century. It normally takes you 2 hours to get there, so take a quick nap and prepare for our journey.

Try out coconut basket boat

Friends, we already do a gentle trip in the morning. I think we should do something fun, something crazy in this trip. A coconut basket boat, for example. We will visit Cam Thanh Village, where you can find yourself lost in the green color of coconut trees and rivers. Let’s get on the basket boat and float along the river. You can also try mango, learn how to ride a basket boat, watch a crazy performance of rowers or become a performer if you are brave enough.

Walk around Old Town

Yoho! It’s time to explore the Old Town of Hoi An recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage. Let’s forget the moving of the century and dig into the town with plenty of old French houses and buildings colored by yellow. We will do a walk along the narrow streets and admire its beauty at night. Then, let’s find something to eat at the night market. Let yourself try some special mouth-watering street food of Hoi An.


Tour Details

Duration: 11 hours (10:00 - 21:00)

Price: 95 USD/pax

Minimum: 3 pax


  • Shuttle car with A/C

  • 2 meals (lunch and dinner)

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Entrance fees




  • Beverages, tips (not compulsory), personal expenses

  • Other things not mentioned clearly above



What to wear?

Comfortable clothings are recommended.

Finish tour

Shall we do a special activity of Hoi An when the night comes? I will show you how to put paper lantern down and join with others colorfully floating on the river. I know what you are feeling now, a restful and colorful night, right? Enjoy the moment and save it in the bottom of your heart forever.


I know how it’s sad but it’s time to get back to hotel and finish the trip. You will be dropped off at your accommodation in Da Nang or Hoi An depending on your demand. Say goodbye and have a nighty night.

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