Duration: 4 hours (8:00AM - 12:00PM)/ 

                          (4:00PM - 8:00PM)

Price: 50USD/pax

Tour style: tour by motorbike

the changing city_optima-02.png

“The changing city” tour will surprise you with secrets, how Saigon thrived and became the most populated city in Vietnam. If Hanoi attracts you with ancient monuments, Saigon will not disappoint you with its colorful night-life, food stalls along the street and many more. What you see might not what it really is!

Morning city tour pack

Join this tour, we will go from historical tourist attractions such as Independent Palace, War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Church,... to famous local gathering sites.

Our tour guides are actually story – tellers! They will expand your knowledge through destinations, you will understand more about Vietnam, about its true inner beauty.

Besides, you will get to discover the streets that Saigon teenagers usually hang out, blend in and be a teen again!

Jade Emperor Pagoda

Now, let’s go away from the center of city for a moment and visit the Jade Emperor Pagoda, the most spectacular colorful pagoda in Saigon that is filled with statues of phantasmal divinities.

And before continuing the trip, we will visit one local restaurant for lunch. Here you will get to try some mouth – watering foods from North, Central and South of Vietnam. 

That’s the correct way to revive the energy and get back with the trip!

Afternoon City Tour Pack

Similar to the Morning City Tour, we will visit the most famous tourist attractions. Due to the fact that some places are closed in the evening, we will arrange the destinations and changes will be made to get you the best tour! So instead of visiting the Jade Emperor Pagoda, we will visit Nguyen Hue walking street, here you will be able to take pictures under colorful night lights, chill and enjoy the breeze as the river brings.

Bui Vien walking street

Last, we will make a chilling memory in Bui Vien walking street, this is a crowded place with many bars and pubs.

Don’t be surprise as you see many people from all over the world here, they gather around for some drinks and awesome music.

Sit down, relax and have some beers or beverages, what a way to end a night!


Tour Details

Duration: 4 hours (8:00am – 12:00pm | 4:00pm - 8:00pm)

Price: 50 USD/pax, 40 USD/8–13 year-old kid, free for kids under 8.

At pick up time, our tour guides will welcome you at your hotel, introduce you how to stay safe on the motorbike in Saigon traffic. Tour starts. 


This is a bike tour, but if you are afraid of Saigon traffic, we can also go by grab car/taxi.

If the tour time and duration is not matched with your time, we can also flexibly arrange for your demand.

Price for motorbike tour:  $50/pax  

Taxi:  ①pax: $60      ②pax: $105      ③pax: $140       ④pax: $180 

Price included:

– Foods and drinks

– English speaking tour guide

– Bike, raincoat if needed

– Face mask

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

❝Please let us be noticed about food you can't eat at booking time, and for vegetarians, can you eat dairy products?❞

You are welcome to join us!