Duration: 12 hours (8:00am – 8:00pm)

Price: 140 USD/pax,

          100 USD/8 – 13 year-old kid,

          free for kids under 8 years old

Minimum booking: 3 pax

Price for 4 pax: 125 USD/pax, for 5pax: 100 USD/pax

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Vung Tau, which is translated as “the boat area”, is famous for its beautiful beaches, pagodas and restaurants. Every year, this place attracts tourists from all over the world by its harmonious combinations of natural landscape, urban architecture and seafood. We can guarantee you, they have the best seafood!

Join us as we show you some of the best and worth – seeing sights, try out the best food here in just 2 days and you will wonder why you haven’t known us sooner. So let’s dive into it, shall we!

Suoi Nghe Sheep Hill

After picking you up at the hotel, we will go straight to the Sheep Hill. Have you ever seen a sheep in real life? Some of you may say yes, but have you ever TOUCHED one in real life!! This place is truly one of a kind. You can go around taking pictures and get some videos to make your friends jealous for not joining you on this amazing trip. And did we mention that they have horses here as well! 

Vung Tau beach & seafood

This beach is the nearest beach from SaiGon, many people come and go, leave behind many good memories and a promising return when they have a chance. Kick off your shoes and have a walk along the beach barefooted, let the waves carry the breezes to you and enjoy the moment as we’re going to try some fresh juicy seafood, eat them fresh or BBQ, whatever you want! 

Ho May park

Leave the beach for a moment, let’s go to the mountain! This special park is located on the mountain top, with many thrilling games for you to try such as bumper car, duck boat,… Not to mention, from here you can capture the whole view of Vung Tau, beautiful and peaceful. Vung Tau is called “the paradise” for a reason!

Niet Ban Tinh Xa Pagoda

This pagoda is one of the oldest places here in Vung Tau. Built in 1974, this place was known for its modern architect during the time. Local people come here to pray for health, love, wealth and more. Apart from the city, this place reveals more of a calm and peaceful sensation, you will also notice the unique smell of burning scent here. And did I mention this place has a beach view!

Jesus Statue or Vung Tau cake

Statue of Jesus, considered one of the tallest statues of Jesus Christ in Asia with 847 steps. This 32 meter-tall (105 feet) statue is always there to challenge the braves to conquer. So do you have what it takes? Don’t worry, we will always be there with you, the steps are not very high and there are stops every 200 steps so we can try some and go back if you don’t feel like climbing. Or, we can get to try one of the most famous dish here, the mini pancake in stead. This bite – sized pancake is small, but carries tons of flavors. We will show you how to wrap it with vegies, it's a special technique but with our help, you will be able to do it in no time!

Light House and coffee

When the night falls, Vung Tau transforms into a different aspect, glamorous and stunning. This coffee shop is unique, beautiful and delicious. We are very proud to say that our coffee has never disappointed anyone before, the sweetness combines with the bitterness of the coffee makes it hard to resist. Relax, take a sip and enjoy the breath taking views with the cool air coming from the ocean. This is what we call perfection.


Tour Details

Duration: 12 hours (8:00am – 8:00pm)

Price: 140 USD/pax,

          100 USD/8 – 13 year-old kid,

          free for kids under 8 years old

Minimum booking: 3 pax

Price for 4 pax: 125 USD/pax, for 5pax: 100 USD/pax


"Because this is a private car rental tour, the price can be reduced depend on the number of customers."

Price included:

  • English/Korean speaking guide

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Private car

  • Entry tickets

  • Ho May Park (20USD/1 ticket)

If you would like to change the course, please notice us at booking time.

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.