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Duration: 7 hours (08:00 ~ 15:00),

Price: 75 USD/pax, free for kid under 5 years old. Minimum: 2pax

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Let’s put aside the sparkling SaiGon and go back further to the history of Viet Nam, when tunnels were the true heroes and contributed a lot to the Vietnamese war.  


Within only 2 years, Củ Chi Tunnels has attracted over 20 million tourists from all over the world, and by 2016, has become the Special National Relic. So let’s take a brief look at the tour, shall we!

Transfer to Cu Chi Tunnels

At 8:00 am we will pick you up at your hotel and drive to Cu Chi tunnels from Ho Chi Minh City. It should take about 1.5 hour to drive.


During the trip, our tour guide will give you a brief introduction about Cu Chi and its legendary history.

Watch documentaries

After the arrival, brace yourself as we go deep into the jungle. Don’t be scared as we have brave guides with you! We will watch a documentary film about the amazing Cu Chi Tunnels, where Vietnamese soldiers lived and trained in a narrow underground network of tunnels. And you’ll get to learn about the structural of the tunnels, it’s buried beneath the soil to protect them from bombs and enemies. But we will spoil no more!

Dig in further

You will be guided to the tunnels system including the weapon factory, hospitals, kitchens and more. Furthermore, you will be thrilled when we introduce you to the incredible network of underground tunnels and see how villages kept themselves safe during war by hiding in communities far below the surface.

Experience the tunnels

These tunnels have 3 areas with different depth. You have a chance to go through each tunnel and experience how it feels to be inside for the first time! The tunnels are about 1.5m (5 ft), in order to move inside the tunnel, you will have to crouch. So if you have cleithrophobia or you decide to not join in the tunnels, you can walk along on the ground and enjoy the peaceful views of the jungle itself! You can also head to the shooting site for the opportunity to fire an M-15, AK-47, and carbine rifle.

Try out the food

Here, they will serve you the fanciest food the people used back then, manioc and cassava. During the war, and especially under the ground, food was scarce. So people made the most out of everything they have. It’s not something you will crave for, but sometimes, the basics are the most delicious.

Tour finish

After the tour, we will drive back to Ho Chi Minh City and try some special Vietnamese food for lunch, get your energy back up, and let you continue to explore SaiGon!


Tour Details

Duration: 7 hours (08:00 ~ 15:00),

Price: 75 USD/pax, free for kid under 5 years old.

Minimum: 2pax

Because this is a private car rental tour, the price can be reduced depend on the number of customers.

Price included:

  • English/Korean/Chinese speaking guide

  • Lunch

  • Entry tickets

  • Private car

This is private tour, if you would like to change the course, please notice us at booking time

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.