Duration: 4 hours (6:00pm – 10:00pm)

Price: 45 USD/pax,

          38 USD/8–13 year – old kid,

          free for kids under 8.

When the night comes, Saigon reveals its true beauty and challenges the travelers to come and have a taste of its unique cultures. If you are pondering over which place to go, think no more! We will have our experienced guides to ride you around on bikes, give you a taste of what a real local feels like. Our Saigon Night Lights Tour goal is to provide you a thrilling experience, wonderful views at night, and open your mind to many aspects of SaiGon that you will never found anywhere else!

1st. Bò Né

For our beef lovers, this place is a must! Not only can you try out the soft juicy beef with some eggs, sausages and paté, but you can also experience the feeling of having a hot sizzling pan as your plate!


This is not a made – up story, the mini pan is served hot as they want their customer’s food to always be on point.  But we can guarantee you this place is always crowded, to locals and travelers, because the food is yummy and always hot, what can be more perfect than that!

2nd. Bánh Tráng Nướng & milk coffee:

Banh Trang Nuong, which is translated into “grilled rice paper”, is a popular street food among students and teenagers in Viet Nam. Originated from Da Lat, the “thousand flowers” city, this dish has become more and more popular. Let’s get back to being young again and try this “pizza”, I bet you won’t be able to stop after the first bite. Not only that, you will get to try our famous Vietnamese milk coffee, so brace yourself!

3rd. Nguyễn Huệ Walking Street

Let’s stop for a second and enjoy the beauty of SaiGon, and not anywhere far, we’re taking you to our famous Nguyen Hue Walking Street! This place has always been the people’s favorite to – go street, where we have stores and street foods scattering across the road. Youngsters come here to hang out with friends after school, adults join in and do a walk under the cool air as the river near by brings. And if you come during the weekend, we can take you to the Weekend Market to buy clothes, bags, souvenirs and many more, we’ll let you decide!

4th. Bùi Viện street

Also known as the foreign street, Bui Vien is always crowded. Many bars and pubs attract people to come and chill with their friends, and we are no exception.


You will get to join in this atmosphere and enjoy some beers or beverages, listen to some music and watch the crowd goes by, that sounds relaxing to me! That is the correct way to end the night, don’t you think 


Tour Details

Duration:  4 hours (6:00pm – 10:00pm)

Price:        45 USD/pax, 38 USD/8–13 year – old kid, free for kids under 8

At pick up time, our tour guides will welcome you at your hotel, introduce you how to stay safe on the motorbike in Saigon traffic. Tour starts. 

Tour timeline:

06:00pm - 06:15pm: Pick up at hotel

06:30pm - 07:10pm: Dinner: Bo Ne

07:30pm - 08:00pm: Turtle lake, Vietnamese pizza and milk coffee

08:15pm - 08:45pm: Saigon Opera House, Nguyen Hue walking street

09:00pm - 09:40pm: Bui Vien backpacker area, having beers, french fries, snack

10:00pm: Drop off at hotel, say goodbye, finish tour


This is a bike tour, but if Saigon traffic makes you worry, we can also do tour by grab car/taxi.

If the tour time and duration is not matched with your time, we can also flexibly arrange for your demand.

Price for motorbike tour:  $45USD/pax  

Taxi:  ①pax: $55      ②pax: $90      ③pax: $125       ④pax: $165 

Price included:

– Dinner, Vietnamese pizza, coffee, foods and drinks at Bui Vien (2 beers/pax)

– English speaking tour guide

– Bike, raincoat if needed

– Face mask

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

❝Please let us be noticed about food you can't eat at booking time, and for vegetarians, can you eat dairy products?❞

You are welcome to join us!

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