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2 days



Duration: 2 days 1 night

Price: 185 USD/pax (group 2pax),

         165 USD/pax (group 3pax),

         150 USD/pax (group 4pax and above)


Mekong Delta (Nine Dragon River Delta), also known as the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, a vast maze of rivers, swamps and islands, home to floating markets and villages surrounded by rice paddies. You will totally immerse yourself in the natural wilderness like coconut palms, forest of fruits.

We will visit the most attractive places in Mekong Delta region that were discovered by locals, where you will not see many tours nowadays include, where you can harvest fruits, go fishing and cook together with friendly local families. So let’s wait no longer, dig into the tour with us!

Day 1

  • Pickup from Ho Chi Minh City

  • Sightseeing around on boat

  • Try out the local specialty

  • Coconut candy workshop

  • Chill out with the traditional music

  • Hop on the carriage for a ride

  • Join us on a row – boat trip

  • Lunch

  • Visit the Vinh Trang Temple

The first day we will visit My Tho city and have same activities with one day tour. Please check more detail here: Mekong Delta 1 day.

Moving to Ben Tre

We have booked this gorgeous hotel just for you! The fresh air from the lake, combines with the flower garden here makes it even more poetic, we always save the best for our beloved customers.


Here you will get to make Bánh Xèo (which literally means “sizzling cake”), our local family will help you understand the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine. Just a head up, you can also order beer or wine here, to make your dinner even more delightful!

Foot spa and call it a day!

Who wouldn’t want a good bath after a long day! Let’s get them feet a good rub with some lemongrass, chill out and call it a day. We will get back on our feet tomorrow and carry on with more spectacular and thrilling sights!

Bicycle riding along the countryside

Observe local’s life and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle here. Usually people are dazzled by the hectic pace of city life, all the amenities and sparkling lights that sometimes they seek for a cool – down moment.

So let us guide you through each corner, see with your own eyes the beauty of Vietnam in many aspects.

Local market

Do you know that Vietnam has over 1000 markets big and small? Here we will show you the busy market where locals often buy their stuffs and gossip any story that they have to pass the time. Foods, drinks, seafood, souvenirs,… this place has it all!


Make rice paper by yourself? Why not? 

We will visit a very special family, where they make rice paper for living. Many Vietnamese dishes are popular thanks to rice paper, this simple yet marvelous food is no doubt the god’s present! Now you will even get to try and make your own rice paper, to eat something made by yourself is always more meaningful, isn’t it!

Coconut handicraft

Getting deeper into the coconut world, you will be amazed by these skillful people. Baskets, cups, chopsticks,… how on earth can they make these hard coconut parts to become a beautiful plus useful thing!

Oh well, this place is known as the coconut island for a reason.

Net fishing

Do you know what locals do every morning? Fishing, of course, I mean who doesn’t! But not with a rod, but with a net, that way we will get more fish and please don’t feel “gill”ty! Again, sorry for my bad pun, it’s just that I found many opp”tuna”ty to do so…


Now we will enjoy the best delicacies they have in this area, get back your energy before going back to SaiGon.

Back to Hochiminh city:

The trip should take around 2 – 2.5 hours, so we will arrive at Ho Chi Minh City around 3 – 4pm. We can bring you back to your hotel or any place you want to be next in the city to continue your journey to explore Viet Nam. So hesitate no more and contact us for any further information!


Tour Details

Duration: 2 days 1 night

Price: 185 USD/pax (group 2pax),

         165 USD/pax (group 3pax),

         150 USD/pax (group 4pax and above)

Because this is a private car rental tour, the price can be reduced depend on the number of customers.

Price included:

  • English/Korean/Chinese speaking guide

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Hand-rowing boat, motorboat

  • Private car

  • Horse riding

  • Bicycle

  • Hotel

  • Tropical fruits tasting

This is private tour, if you would like to change the course, please notice us at booking time.

What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

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