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Emergency situation: who and how to call in Vietnam

You are traveling around Vietnam but you are in an emergency that you need help. Who should you call and how to call in Vietnam?

On the supposition that you are injured or attacked when traveling in Vietnam. You need help so you take your phone and dial, but to whom you should dial. That is the big question. Here is a useful list of emergency phone numbers that you should keep in mind or save in case you need it.

Emergency phone number
Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number

Police: 113

Ambulance: 115

Firefighter: 114

Search and Rescue Team around the country: 112

Directory Assistance: 116

International Operator: 110

General Information Service: 1080

Consultancy Service: 1088

Area codes of big tourist cities in Vietnam

It should be noted that Vietnam has changed the area codes for the whole country; hence, some old information has not changed the phone numbers yet, then you should be careful to dial the numbers accurately. Here is the list of area codes of some tourist cities in Vietnam that you should know.

Hồ Chí Minh City: 04 => 024

Hà Nội: 08 => 028

Đà Nẵng: 0511 => 0236

Quảng Nam (Hội An): 0510 => 0235

Huế: 054 => 0234

Lào Cai (Sapa): 020 => 0214

Sơn La (in Northern VN): 022 => 0212

Ninh Bình: 030 => 0229

Cẩn Thơ: 0710 => 0292

An Giang: 076 => 0296

Bến Tre: 075 => 0275

Quảng Bình: 053 => 0232

Asking for help in Vietnamese

There is a fact that the number of Vietnamese people who can speak English is limited. Therefore, learning some simple words or sentences for help is not a waste. Of course, Vietnamese is not an easy language to study as quickly as possible, but you should try your best as you do your homework. Here there are!

Cứu: Help!

Tai nạn: Accident

Cướp: Robber

Bệnh viện: Hospital

Cảnh sát: Police

Bệnh: Sick

Xe cứu thương: Ambulance

Lửa: Fire

Cháy: Burnt

Bị thương: Injured

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