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Visit Mũi Né in Vietnam: Let's make an adventurous trip ever

You love an adventure, and you want to find a place in Vietnam to do it by yourself. Here is where you should head to Visit Mũi Né - One of the right decision-making ever!

Before you visit Mũi Né, you might know that as a coastal city of Vietnam, it has recently become famous for foreign travelers. Mother Nature not only gives it the favor of beautiful beaches but also mountains waiting for you to explore.

Recently, Mũi Né has been developing more attractions to meet the demand of tourism; hence, there are other places fewer tourists only locals know. Then, do you want to do a special trip with us? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact us via we are waiting for you.

Visit Mũi Né
Mũi Né


Since it is in the South of Vietnam, there are two seasons in Mũi Né, rainy and dry seasons. The best time to visit it is the dry season, from the middle of November to the end of April. You can also visit Mũi Né in the rainy season; however, your trip can be affected by storms, tropical low pressures, or floods. So, if you want to visit it in the rainy season, check the weather carefully before going somewhere and bring the necessary things and clothes in case you need them.

How to get there

It depends on where you depart. Normally, people depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Mũi Né. There are three ways to get there. First, you can go there by bus. From Ho Chi Minh City, there are several bus companies to Mũi Né with different prices, around 150.000 VND, and several times during the day. It takes around 5 hours to get there; therefore, if possible, you can take the night bus to see the sunrise on the bus the next day or take the noon bus to get there at the time of sunset.

Otherwise, you can rent motorbikes from Ho Chi Minh City and head to Mũi Né. This is one of the most adventurous activities travelers can do for the trip there. It should be noted that the way from Saigon to Mũi Né is quite far and full of trucks, containers, so you should check your bikes carefully and pay attention to ride.

The last option is taking a tour. There are plenty of combined tours or Mũi Né tours for you. Search and find reasonable tours to do it if you cannot go there by yourself.

What to do in Mũi Né

Find yourself relaxed at the beach or adventurous destinations, try fresh seafood, and experience the life of local people.


Visit Mũi Né
Beaches in Mũi Né

This is one of the resort-occupied coastal towns, which means it is very easy to find accommodations in front of the beach at different prices. Staying there, enjoying the view of the sea in front of your eyes, eating fresh seafood is what you need to relax. Otherwise, if you are bored at resorts, you can enjoy your beach time on some inhabited beaches. Rent a motorbike, find some quiet beaches, ride around Mũi Né, visit the old buildings of Champa Kingdom are the must-activities you should do to make your trip more adventurous.

Moreover, you can do some sports such as swimming, kitesurfing, kayaking, surfing, diving thanks to its free-rocky beaches.

Visit Mũi Né
Kitesurfing in Mũi Né

Red and white sand dunes

The most notable reasons why you should visit Mũi Né for your adventure are its red and white sand dunes.

Red sand dunes

Visit Mũi Né
Red sand dunes

You might be thunderstruck by its imposing landscape colored by red and pink thanks to the influence of monsoon seasons. It is believed that when hiking on these red dunes, you might think it is one of the deserts in Africa. From there, you can enjoy the beach and mountain view. There are some activities you can try here, such as strolling, viewing, or taking photographs. Otherwise, this is the childhood of many people, climbing up to the top of the hills and, freely sledding down to the hill’s foot by a thin plank. Well, it might somehow make your clothes dirty, but it is the funniest activity ever making you feel like you are free-flying.

White sand dunes

Visit Mũi Né
White sand dunes

Bigger than red sand dunes, Mother Nature gives Mũi Né this spectacular white sand dunes making it one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. There, you can rent a quad bike (around 200.000 VND - 400.000 VND) to go around the dunes and enjoy your adventurous time. However, the white sand dune is only open from 04:15 to 18:15 when you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset in this dune.

Fishing village

Visit Mũi Né
Fishing village in Mũi Né

As anywhere else in the world, Mũi Né is a coastal town which means people’s lives are based on the sea and fishing. You should get up early one day, go to the beach, watch the sunrise, witness how locals come back from the ocean, and work very soon in the morning. Sometimes, you can buy fresh seafood directly from fishermen at reasonable prices and bring them back to your guest houses or homestays to cook them. Sometimes, you can join to work with them, but of course, they cannot speak English so just consider it as a fantastic experience with local people. Furthermore, if you cannot get up early, you can also go there and enjoy fresh seafood at some food courts or restaurants and see how beautiful, colorful and peaceful it is.

Fairy stream

Visit Mũi Né
Mũi Né fairy stream

The fairy stream runs long behind the red and white sand dunes and between the rocky mountains and formations. This is considered as the photoshop pictures thanks to its spectacular colorful landscapes of red, white, pink, and orange. You can also take off your shoes to walk along the stream until the end of the stream. Don’t worry since the stream is about ankle-deep and it doesn’t exceed your knees at its deepest. Furthermore, if you like adventure, you can try to climb on the top of dunes and pitted rock formations to see spectacular and imposing landscapes. It should be noted that you should wear comfortable clothes and extra shoes in case they get wet.

Morning local market

Visit Mũi Né
Morning local market

The local market is one of the symbols of Vietnam that you can find everywhere around the country. So does Mũi Né. To buy very fresh seafood, meats, vegetables, you should go to the market in the morning to see how busy it is. Normally, you might see only the women go to the market, don’t be surprised as it has the reason. Women usually have their own responsibility to take care of the house and cooking. Therefore, they have to go to the market, Vietnamese term is “Đi chợ”, and buy food to cook. On your trip, you can visit some local markets, buy anything you want at cheap prices and enjoy how locals prepare for the days. You should especially go to the seafood kiosks to buy fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

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